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September 2019
Kilim Shoes from Nomad IdeasKilim Fender by Nomad Ideas
The New Fender Seat

Mirror Mirror....

Another month already!

I’ve just had a new shipment of shoes and M5 bags, so if you’re interested this is the time to contact me, they‘re going rather fast! All the shoes and bags are made by hand in Istanbul, Turkey, because of this they are individual, never two the same. The shoes are particularly cleverly made as they always mirror each other, look at the picture to see what I mean, we rarely have two pairs the same.  

I’ve had another Fender seat order as well, going all the way to the south coast, these are all made to order so you get exactly what you want in every way, size, height, colour and design.

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July 2019
Kilim Shoes from Nomad Ideas
One of our Fabulous New Rugs

Kilim International

It doesn’t seem possible that another month has almost gone, it must be something to do with being old! The shoes are still winging out, just sent 10 pairs to California. They go to a shop which sells all sorts of fun and interesting clothes, hats and other accessories for men and some women’s shoes from us too.  Also sold two pairs of men’s and one pair of women’s shoes that are off to a wedding in Greece!

At the moment we are busy recovering a fire fender seat, with a kilim chosen by our client for their own fender, it will be completely stunning when back on the base. The pouffes are proving to be successful too, they make such fun and colourful seating.I’ve received 4 new rugs from Turkey last week and I’ve got three more arriving any minute so keep an eye on my site if you’re looking for a rug. It’s all go here, no wonder the time seems to be going so fast.

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Kilim Rug from Nomad Ideas
Another of our New Rugs
Kilim Pouffe from Nomad Ideas
Kilim Pouffes
Kilim Rug from Nomad Ideas
Another of our New Rugs
June 2019
Kilim Shoes from Nomad IdeasKilim Shoes by Nomad Ideas

A Kilim Summer

Everything seems to be very rosie in my world and Nomad Ideas. My husband has just retired and had lots of lovely celebrations and Victoria has just had a little girl, so all brilliant.

As far as Nomad Ideas, the shoes are coming in and going out as fast, which is good. They are perfect for both summer and winter but look great with lovely tanned brown legs, either at home or abroad.

Please be in touch if you would like to try a pair, I will then send you a picture of the size you need. I hope your summer is going as well as mine.

Best wishes
Pammie-Jane. Nomad Ideas.

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April 2019

Where our Kilim originates

Kilim or flat woven textile has become very popular in the west. They were and in some cases still are, made by nomadic people from several Eastern European, Asian and North African countries, as well as Mexico,Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and North America where they were made by the Navajo Indians.

I try to stay mostly with Turkish kilim for my business, as we use them to upholster. Turkish kilim is thinner and finer than  most other countries allowing it to be used more easily.

We used to go to Istanbul every year and maybe twice to buy rugs but now I go to Konya, which is a big rug making area. My supplier finds kilims from all over Turkey and sometimes beyond. It’s a real joy to go to his shop, piled high with every sort of rug imaginable, restricting myself to buying a certain amount can be very, very difficult! They have every size and shape, though mostly the rugs are long and fairly narrow as the looms they use tend to be not more than 150 cm wide, although this varies from area to area. In one area in Anatolia they weave two strips that mirror each other and then they‘re stitched together to make one huge rug. The kilims are also usually sun-bleached, particularly in southern Anatolia near Antalya where once the harvest is finished the farmers spread kilims on the bare ground; the acres of rugs laid out across the fields make an amazing picture.

Very sadly I haven’t got a stand at Badminton Horse Trials this year so please if you’re going to be there and are interested in my things give me a ring 01666 500 224 or email info@   I’m only 20 minutes away from the event, it may be more peaceful too!

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February 2019

New Year Ideas!

It’s been an interesting start to the year. We’ve finally got our new website up and running. Please have a look as it’s all fresh and I hope more accessible. We still make all the original pieces of furniture, plus a new square stool, the same height but a bit more room for your feet! Also the pouffes are a new price as I’ve managed to source them better. The shoes are as successful as ever but I now only sell the Travel bags and the small and larger bags with the long string handle, you can shorten it by knotting it up or have it over the head and shoulder to leave your hands free. I wish you all a very Good New year, hopefully it’s not to late! Have a look around and happy shopping!

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